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How to convert Excel to PDF?

Document upload
You can drag-n-drop your Excel files or click in dropzone to select and upload any Excel document.

Reorganize Excel documents
Excel documents are converted to PDF in order how you uploaded them. If you want to change order just drag-n-drop Excel documents and arrange new order in a way how you like. This does not have any impact on document processing as all uploaded Excel files will be converted.

Excel to PDF converter does not have any configuration. When you finish PDF document(s) upload proceed to conversion and wait that it is done.

How to download converted Excel to PDF docs?

Document download
After Excel documents are converted to PDF you'll see link to the final PDF in the list. In case that you uploaded multiple Excel documents you will see for each of them separate download link. Just click on the file link and download will start.

Start again?
If you want to convert Excel documents to PDF again you can find button "Again?" in download section, just click on it and you can upload new Excel document(s) for next conversion.

Security & Limits

How safe my documents are?
Out site is under HTTPS protocol which encrypts communication between us and also between our servers. All uploaded or converted documents will be deleted 1h after processing. PDFtodo will never open any of your documents.

Excel to PDF limits
Excel to PDF converter supports upload of only Excel documents. Max. Excel file size is 100Mb and you can upload max. 10 documents for one processing cycle.