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What PDFtodo collects (your personal data)?

Private data
First, by using PDFtodo you agree to our terms&conditions. In case that you do not agree to them DO NOT use PDFtodo. Now regarding your data, we collect only your IP address. We do not access your files expect during file processing. Also all your uploaded or generated files are deleted approximatelly 1h after processing.

Usage of cookies
We do not use cookies but our partners like Google, Facebook, Twitter and other external sites use them to provide best possible user experience (your IP address might be shared). If you do not agree with this DO NOT use PDFtodo site.

Storate and keeping of your data
When you upload your documents they are stored on our servers. We use HTTPS to secure communication between us. Files are stored on different servers and we cannot guarantee that they will be on server in some specific country. Important: all files are kept only around 1h after they are uploaded or generated. Afterwards files will be permanently deleted. PDFtodo will not access your documents.

Terms & Conditions

Responsibilites for Damages
We work hard to provide best possible experience for free but we cannot guarantee that processing of documents will not have strange behavior. As a user of PDFtodo you agree that PDFtodo cannot be held responsible for failures during document processing neither in case of loss or damage of documents. Of course, we are doing our best to keep PDFtodo without errors. Please keep in mind that any usage of PDFtodo is on your own risk and PDFtodo cannot be responsible for any of issues with user provided or converted documents.

Copyright rights
You are solely responsible for not to use material/data where you do not have rights to do so. PDFtodo respects copyright of others and we expect that you also respect that.

Support to you inqueries
To get any type of support related to PDFtodo please contact support (AT) PDFtodo.com


Who is behind PDFtodo?
Webtime Corporation 501 Silverside Rd Ste 105 Wilmington, DE 19809