What is new? - update about what is happening on PDFtodo

Why this page?

Reason behind....
As we are end-user oriented and we believe in regular updates we want to use this page to show you what is happening on PDFtodo. Our hope that most of upgrades will come through visitor wishes so do not hesitate to share with us what you like, what you do not like, what you would like to see on PDFtodo.

What to expect?
Expect that we will regularly update PDFtodo to make it better.

What we expect?
We expect and hope that you will share your feedback with us. PDFtodo can be only better if you tell us what you mean/need/want... Feel free to contact PDFtodo, we are looking forward to your feedback... Of course, if you share among your friends info about PDFtodo and what we are going for you it will be even better. Use any of social media icons to spread a word about PDFtodo...

What is new on PDFtodo?

New language(s)
New languague added

5 new modules added
04.06.2020 - We added additional modules =>OneNote to HTML, Unlock PDF, Delete PDF Pages, PDT to Text and PDF to PDFA which is bringing PDFtodo to total of 28 different modules.

New module added
We added one more module =>ImageToPDF. Now you can upload your images and we will create PDF document of them.

Security & Limits

Small reminder - How safe my documents are?
We use HTTPS protocol to encrypt communication between us. All documents will be deleted 1h after processing. PDFtodo will never open any of your documents.